For Cotton Diseases, You Should Choose Basic Copper Sulphate


  Copper sulfate is mainly used as a textile mordant, a […]

  Copper sulfate is mainly used as a textile mordant, agricultural insecticide, water fungicide, preservative, and also used in leather tanning, copper electroplating, mineral processing, etc.; copper sulfate is used as an astringent and disease preventive agent, and also used as an agricultural fungicide; Copper sulfate is used as an analytical reagent, mordant and preservative; copper sulfate is the main salt of pyrophosphate copper plating. The composition is simple, the stability is good, the current efficiency is high, and the deposition speed is fast. But its polarization is very small and its dispersion ability is poor. The coating crystals are coarse and not bright.

  Copper sulfate is used in the chemical industry to produce other copper salts, such as cuprous cyanide, cuprous chloride, cuprous oxide, and other products. In the dye industry, it is used to produce copper-containing mono azo dyes, such as reactive brilliant blue, reactive violet, phthalocyanine blue, and other copper complexing agents. It is also a catalyst for organic synthesis, perfume, and dye intermediates.

  The pharmaceutical industry is usually used directly or indirectly as an astringent and auxiliary material for the production of isoniazid and pyrimethamine. In the paint industry, copper sulfate is used as a toxic agent for antifouling paint on ship bottom. The electroplating industry is used for copper sulfate electroplating and wide temperature full bright acid copper plating ion additives. Food grade is used as an antibacterial agent and nutritional supplement. Used in agriculture as pesticides and copper-containing pesticides.

  It is used as a feed additive for poultry and animal breeding.

  Copper sulfate uses on-site analysis of tellurium and zinc, the catalyst for nitrogen determination, carbohydrate analysis, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid test, serum protein, total blood glucose, non-protein nitrogen determination, chromatographic analysis. Insecticides, mordants, preservatives. Various media were prepared in the haploid species, and beef digestion media was prepared in the bacterial serum test.

  Precautions for the transportation of copper sulfate: The packaging must be complete during transportation and the loading must be firm. During transportation, please make sure that the container will not leak, collapse, fall, or be damaged. It is strictly forbidden to transport it with acids, alkalis, edible chemicals, etc. Avoid exposing copper sulfate to sunlight, rain, and high temperature during transportation. The vehicle should be cleaned after transportation.