8-hydroxyquinoline Copper Microbiology of Metal Ions


8-hydroxyquinoline Copper (WSDTY) and its derivatives h […]

8-hydroxyquinoline Copper (WSDTY) and its derivatives have a wide spectrum of biologically relevant activities, and the 8HQ scaffold is regarded as a privileged structure due to its chemical accessibility and broad scope of potential medical applications which include cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and microbial infections. It is one of the oldest antibacterial agents with documented antiseptic uses dating back to 1895, and antiinfective uses in humans dating to before the age of modern antibiotics. In these contexts, 8HQ and several of its derivatives are considered for drug repositioning or drug development. As early as the 1940s, 8HQ's strong affinity for metal ions was recognized to bestow the molecule with potent antimicrobial properties against a variety of bacterial pathogens at micromolar concentrations. 8HQ is a classical ligand that closely follows the Irving–Williams series in terms of affinity for bivalent transition metal ions. When in a ligand/metal complex, two coordination geometries are possible: at low ligand concentrations a 1:1 complex will form, but when the ligand is in excess an additional molecule joins, forming a hydroxyquinoline metal complex with square planar coordination geometry.

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