8-hydroxyquinoline Copper Structure


The first obvious thing we need to discuss is the struc […]

The first obvious thing we need to discuss is the structure of a 8-hydroxyquinoline Copper so that we'll know how to recognize them. In general, a hydroxyquinoline is a derivative of the heterocycle quinoline, with a hydroxy (-OH) group attached to one of the carbon atoms. That sounds complicated, so let's break it down into simpler terms. A heterocycle is a compound that contains a ring, and the prefix -hetero means that there is an atom within the ring that's NOT carbon. In the case of a quinoline, the atom that's not carbon is nitrogen.

A lot of hydroxyquinoline compounds exist, but luckily they are only different in the placement of the hydroxy group on various carbons throughout the ring system. For example, 2-hydroxyquinoline, 4-hydroxyquinoline, and 8-hydroxyquinoline are common isomers (same chemical formula but different atom connectivity) that simply have the hydroxy group connected at different points on the ring. Notice the common quinoline core that each compound shares.

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