Advanced Cuprous Chloride Production Process - High-temperature Method


 The world's most advanced production process of cuprou […]

 The world's most advanced production process of cuprous chloride --the high-temperature process is a process of further processing and refining cuprous chloride based on the dry process. The product content is 99%-99.5%, and several heavy metal contents are added. Within 50ppm. The products are mainly used in organic chemical synthesis catalysts and the use of raw materials. Among them, the catalyst grade is extremely high for cuprous chloride, and the heavy metal content is generally about 10 ppms. It is widely used in the silicone, pharmaceutical synthesis, and pesticide synthesis industries. The high-temperature method of cuprous chloride as a catalyst has the strongest activity and the highest conversion rates in all processes.
       At present, the production process of cuprous chloride mainly includes two methods, wet method, and dry method. The raw materials used in the wet process are generally copper wastewater, resulting in the low content of copper chloride products, high content of heavy metals, poor product quality, and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, enterprises adopting the process are currently in the industry. It is difficult to survive. The cuprous chloride produced by this process is generally used on ordinary pigments; the raw materials used in the dry process are relatively pure, the main content of the product is about 98%-99%, and the heavy metal content is generally 100ppm, wherein the acid-insoluble matter The content is extremely easy to exceed the standard.