Advantages Of Using 8-hydroxyquinoline Copper


  1.Long duration   After being applied to the surface […]

  1.Long duration

  After being applied to the surface of the crop, it can quickly form a medicinal film, which is more resistant to rain erosion. Using slow-release control technology, the chelate copper ions are gradually released, and the effect is longer, which can prevent the invasion of bacteria for a long time.

  2.High-cost performance

  The content of the active ingredient of an 8-hydroxyquinoline copper single agent is up to 50%. According to the recommended multiple calculations, about 1 dime per catty of water, cost-effective.

  3. Not easy to develop drug resistance

  Due to the special bactericidal mechanism (multi-site sterilization) of copper preparations, resistance is not easy to develop.

  When winter comes, the 8-hydroxyquinoline copper will kill the bacteria hidden in the orchard, and the management of the orchard will be much simpler next year.