Analysis Of The Use Of Copper Sulfate


  (1) In the inorganic industry, it is used to make oth […]

  (1) In the inorganic industry, it is used to make other feed salts such as cuprous chloride, cupric chloride, copper pyrophosphate, cuprous oxide, copper acetate, copper carbonate, etc.

  (2) The dye and pigment industry is used to manufacture copper-containing monoazo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue and reactive violet.

  (3) In the organic industry, it is used as a catalyst for the synthesis of perfume and dye intermediates, and as a polymerization inhibitor for methyl methacrylate.

  (4) The coating industry is used as a fungicide for the production of antifouling paint on the bottom of ships.

  (5) The electroplating industry is used as the main salt of all-bright acid copper plating and copper ion additives, and the electronic grade is used for the etching of copper foil and electronic circuit boards;

  (6) It is used as mordant and oxygen aid for fine dyeing cloth in the printing and dyeing industry.

  (7) As a fungicide, insecticide, and copper-containing pesticide in agriculture.

  (8) The aquaculture industry is also used as the main raw material of the trace element copper as a feed additive. Feed grade is used as an antimicrobial agent to improve intestinal microbes and promote growth;

  (9) Food grade copper sulfate can be used as a chelating agent and clarifying agent in the production process of preserved eggs and wine. Food grade used as an antimicrobial agent and nutritional supplement;

  (10) In biology, it is used to prepare liquid B of Fehling reagent for identifying reducing sugar and biuret reagent for identifying protein, but it is usually prepared for current use.

  (11) Copper sulfate can be used to prepare the Bordeaux mixture.

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