Application Of Basic Copper Sulphate In Rice Seedlings


  Basic copper sulphate can act on rice seedlings. The […]

  Basic copper sulphate can act on rice seedlings. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. High-efficiency, broad-spectrum, environmentally-friendly fungicide for basic copper sulphate suspension, registered for the control of rice smut, rice blast, tomato early blight, apple tree ring disease, and citrus tree canker.

  2. For the control of rice false smut, spray 5 times and 7 days before the rice break, and spray each time with 27.12% copper sulphate suspension 30 ml and water 30 kgs per acre. After the occurrence of rice false smut (more than 80% of rice smut disease grains reveal light yellow small bacteria), use 27.12% basic copper sulphate suspension agent 50 ml and water 30~40 kg sprays per acre to be able to remove the diseased granules. The germs are killed, causing the bacteria to shrink and fall off during the sunny days, reducing the pollution of healthy grains.

  3. The drug has the characteristics of good effect, safety to crops, and good compatibility with other pesticides. Mix with water first, then mix with other pesticides. Use in the late stage of rice growth will not affect heading, and avoid the application of rice flowering stages.