Application Range And Storage Method Of Cuprous Chloride


  The off-white cubic crystal or off-white powder of cu […]

  The off-white cubic crystal or off-white powder of cuprous chloride exposed to air is easily oxidized and becomes a high-priced green copper salt; when exposed to light, it decomposes and turns brown; it is relatively stable in dry air, exposed to It turns brown in moisture. It is iron-gray when melted and rapidly oxidizes into an alkaline salt in exposed air, which is green.

  Copper chloride is rapidly hydrolyzed in hot water to form copper oxide hydrate, which is orange-red and reacts slowly with strong acids. It can be used as an organic synthesis catalyst for industries such as pigments and antisepsis.

  Cuprous chloride is not very stable and is easily oxidized. It should not be leaked in the air for a long time. It should be used immediately after disassembly, or washed with dilute hydrochloric acid before use and then dried under the vacuum.

  As a chemical product, cuprous chloride must be used with special care during its production or use. Pay attention to its safety.