Basic Copper Carbonate Characteristic, Use And Production Process


Basic Copper Carbonate (WSDTY), also known as basic cop […]

Basic Copper Carbonate (WSDTY), also known as basic copper carbonate, is a malachite green color, so it is also known as malachite. It is a precious mineral gem. It is produced by the reaction of copper in the air with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. It is also called copper rust and its color is green. It is heated in air and decomposed into copper oxide, water, and carbon dioxide. Dissolve in acid and form corresponding copper salt. It is also soluble in cyanide, ammonium salts and alkali metal carbonate aqueous solutions to form copper complexes. When boiled in water or heated in a strong alkali solution, brown copper oxide is formed and decomposed into black copper oxide at It is unstable in a hydrogen sulfide atmosphere and can react with hydrogen sulfide to form copper sulfide. According to the ratio of CuCO 3:H 2 O, there are more than ten kinds of compound forms in basic copper carbonate. It essentially exists in the form of malachite.

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