Basic Copper Carbonate was Prepared by Mixing the Copper(ΙΙ) Sulphate


Basic Copper Carbonate (WSDTY) was prepared by mixing t […]

Basic Copper Carbonate (WSDTY) was prepared by mixing the copper(ΙΙ) sulphate, at room temperature, with basic sodium bicarbonate solution. A green precipitate was formed. The precipitate was filtered, washed several times with water and dried at 40 - 50ºC for 4 hours. In the present case, the powder has much bigger particles as seen by SEM pictures. It is seen from the picture that the particle size of the sample is about 1μm. Also, the elemental analysis was performed by ICP and CHN and their results showed the formation of the product. represents the TG-DTA thermogram of nanoparticles. In this sample, there is a small, DTA endotherm about 100ºC, with mass loss of 1.5%, which corresponds to retained moisture. After this, the nano-sample rapidly decomposes endothermal at 287.7ºC. This result agrees with the TG curve (about 27% mass losses) for this sample.

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