Basic Copper Sulphate Anode - Phosphorus Copper Process


The Basic Copper Sulphate (WSDTY) is widely used in ind […]

The Basic Copper Sulphate (WSDTY) is widely used in industrial production and is a chemical process that has existed for more than 100 years. All kinds of products around us, such as: hardware furniture, lighting, electrical appliances, digital products, jewelry, etc. have experienced the process of the copper sulfate. Therefore, copper sulfate is a very important chemical process. The important feature of the acid copper is that the plating solution contains sulfuric acid and copper sulfate, and the s are plated with a metallic copper layer.

In recent decades, the research on the copper sulfate has focused on the development of plating solutions and light agents: while the anode and copper ion supplement research are relatively rare. In the following, the author combines more than 10 years of work experience to introduce the production process of the most commonly used copper sulfate anode-phosphorus copper and also discusses some insoluble anodic acid copper system.

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