Basic Copper Sulphate Factory Management System


  The production workshop for basic copper sulphate fac […]

  The production workshop for basic copper sulphate factory operates normally to ensure the product quality. More importantly, we need to strictly observe the factory regulations and formulate an effective management system. The following are the principles of the management system of the BASIC COPPER SULPHATE factory that our company has compiled and issued with everyone.

  I. Balanced Production and Orderly Scheduling

  1. Cooperate with the company and organize the implementation of the production plan according to the production task index issued by basic copper sulphate factory and in combination with the production strength of the department.

  2. Be responsible for the implementation of the production task targets issued by the superior, and implement the targets for employees.

  3. Formulate and implement on-site operation standards and process to flow, so that the produced products can be carried out according to the needs of customers and ensure progress and quality.

  4. Achieve overall, balanced and rhythmic synchronous production so that the final production are easy to package and pack.

  Second, the product quality control is strong

  1. After receiving the order, the manager shall first organize each group of on-site management personnel to analyze the process characteristics of this standard sample garment and carefully read the manufacturing requirements of the process order.

  2. Negotiate and formulate quality standards and process flow for each part of the standard sample garment.

  3. Before the new model goes online, it is necessary to urge the relevant on-site administrators to make prenatal samples, to provide sewing guidance to frontline production staff, and to require management personnel and quality inspection personnel to conduct patrol inspection and spot check of semi-finished products.

  4. Strictly require and urge each group of employees to sew according to process standards, and provide large samples of business departments promptly.

  ⒌ When each section is about to be produced before production is launched, the relevant on-site management personnel shall organize workshop staff to hold regular production meetings or morning meetings, make detailed explanations of this section, and make a written notice of sample garments, process sheets and quality standards provided by the technology department public.