Copper Chloride Dihydrate has a Formula Weight


Copper Chloride Dihydrate(WSDTY) has a formula weight o […]

Copper Chloride Dihydrate(WSDTY) has a formula weight of 170.5 amu and a theoretical percent copper of 37.27%. Comparing the mean values for percent Cu obtained from each method to this value, it can be seen that the new method involving the formation of the deeply colored [Cu(NH3)42+] complex to detect copper ions in solution during the isolation reaction yields considerably more accurate results. Visual inspection of the reaction solution yielded a 42% error; whereas, the new method resulted in a considerably lower percent error of 7.6%. Additionally, it can be seen, that the percent recovery for copper was significantly higher when using the qualitative ammonia test. On average, 92% of the theoretical amount of copper was recovered when using this test compared to an average of 58% without it. Finally, when the mean value for percent copper and Equation 4 are used to calculate an experimental formula weight from each method, the new method results in a formula weight of 184 amu compared to 294 amu obtained using the method of visually inspecting the reaction solution for loss of color. Clearly, the method of visual inspection, which is currently in use, is less accurate and would more likely lead to incorrect identification of unknown compounds based on formula weight.

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