Copper Oxide Processing Method


  1. Segregation method   According to the different ma […]

  1. Segregation method

  According to the different material processing methods in the roasting stage, the separation method is divided into two types: "one-stage separation" and "two-stage separation". The "one-stage segregation method" is to mix the ore, salt, and reducing agent into the roaster (most of them use a horizontal rotary kiln), and the heating and separation of materials are carried out in the same equipment; the "two-stage segregation method" is also The "Torco" method is to preheat the ore to the reaction temperature, and then mix in an appropriate amount of salt and reducing agent into the isolation reactor for isolation. The current production shows that the two isolation methods can achieve a higher selection index.

  List of the main equipment used in the isolation system:

  Combustion chamber, stainless steel radial heat exchanger, ordinary steel honeycomb heat exchanger, single-tube vortex dust collector, multi-tube vortex dust collector, exhaust fan, turbulent dust collection cooling tower, water film dust collector, plastic chimney, seal Disc feeder, belt scale.

  2. Leaching-extraction-electrowinning

  The extraction method used to be mainly used to extract rare metals. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the organic chemistry and petrochemical industries, the extraction method has also been widely used in the industrial production of copper. Solvent extraction is characterized by high production efficiency and continuous

  3. Acid leaching-precipitation-flotation method

  The application of this method in my country is not wide enough. The main reason is that most of the raw ore properties of copper oxide in my country are not suitable for acid leaching.