Cuprous Chloride Is Widely Used in Industry


Cuprous Chloride, gray-white cubic crystals, sometimes […]

Cuprous Chloride, gray-white cubic crystals, sometimes we also see off-white powder. This chemical has a relatively high density, a high melting point and a high boiling point. It can form a complex with concentrated hydrochloric acid, but it cannot be dissolved in water.

Cuprous chloride is a kind of inorganic salt in the industry. It can help remove some green pigments during the process of dye production, making the color look more vivid. It can also be used as a condensing agent, catalyst and reducing agent. In the petroleum industry, it is also useful as a desulfurizer or decolorizer, as an insecticide and preservative.

Because of these properties, the range of use of cuprous chloride in the industry is relatively large. Domestic production of such cuprous chloride is often prepared by hydrolysis, and now the recovery rate of copper products is relatively good, which greatly reduces the cost of production, and achieves a state of resource conservation and sustainable development.

Cuprous chloride is a widely used catalyst in the organic synthesis industry. It can produce a variety of organic chemical products under its catalytic action. It can be equipped with a catalyst for polymerization of diphenyl ether with copper chloride and dimethylamine. Petrochemical industry cuprous chloride is often used as a decolorizer, desulfurizer and release agent in production. Cuprous chloride is used as a catalyst and a reducing agent in oleochemicals, especially in the former. In the dye industry, cuprous chloride is used as a practical gas absorbent, specifically in the production process of indigo blue, reactive emerald green, indocyanine green and aniline dyeing (pigment), mainly for absorbing oxygen and carbon monoxide gas. More specific. In addition to the above applications, in the metallurgical industry, electroplating industry and pharmaceutical and chemical engineering and pesticide engineering (biocide), battery industry, rubber industry and many other industries, the application of cuprous chloride is also more in-depth and practical, cuprous chloride is also The organic silicon industry produces methyl chlorosilane mixed monomer (effective catalyst, the market demand for cuprous chloride catalyst will be quite extensive, the market demand for cuprous chloride has expanded in recent years.