Detailed Introduction of Basic Copper Sulphate


Basic copper sulphate is a chemical substance, alias: p […]

Basic copper sulphate is a chemical substance, alias: pizza grass, molecular formula: Cu2 (OH) 2SO4, molecular weight is 258.1765. Green monoclinic crystal with very low solubility in water, soluble in dilute acid and ammonia.

Physical and chemical properties of basic copper sulphate:

The original drug is a light blue viscous flow suspension with a suspension rate of more than 90%, pH 6~8, good cold and heat storage stability, stable under normal temperature conditions for 3 years, fine particle size, and can be mixed with water at any ratio. A relatively stable suspension.

Does not contain any harmful impurities, is not easy to produce phytotoxicity, is resistant to rain, does not leave any residue on the surface of the plant, has no resistance, and can be mixed with common pesticides, such as 1605, omethoate, monocrotophos, malathion, Phoxim and pyrethroid pesticides.

Method for preparing basic copper sulphate:

It is prepared by reacting copper sulfate with calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. (The concentration needs to be controlled) The chemical formula of basic copper sulfate prepared at different concentrations is not exactly the same! But the basic composition is the same, but the content is different.

Use of basic copper sulphate

1. Used as a sterilizing agent, insecticide.

2. The active ingredient of the pesticide Bordeaux mixture is basic copper sulfate, which can be prepared with copper sulfate and slaked lime.

3. The basic formula of copper sulphate should be Cu2(OH)2SO4, which will produce copper oxide, sulfur trioxide and water after heating.

Toxicity of basic copper sulphate:

The acute toxicity percutaneous LD50 of male and female rats was 2450 mg/kg, and the acute oral LD50 of large female rats was 3160 mg/kg.

The acute oral toxicity LD50 of the male rats was 2370 mg/kg, and the acute oral toxicity LD50 of the young female rats was 2710 mg/kg, which was a low-toxic pesticide.

The acute oral LD50 of rats with 80% WP was 794~1470mg/kg, the acute percutaneous LD50 of rats was 50005000/kg, and the acute oral LD50 of 30% suspension was 511~926mg/kg. Percutaneous LD50>10000mg/kg. According to China's pesticide classification standards, it is a low-toxic pesticide. But it is poisonous to silkworms.