Disease Control Of Basic Copper Sulphate


       As a kind of agricultural chemical, basic copper […]

       As a kind of agricultural chemical, basic copper sulphate has a wide range of applications in our lives. Today we will introduce to you the specific prevention and treatment of basic copper sulphate.

Vegetable diseases Prevent and cure cucumber downy mildew and cucumber bacterial horny spot disease, spray 30% or 35% suspension agent 350-500 times liquid before onset. It can also prevent and cure potato, eggplant, pepper, and tomato blight.
The diseases that can be prevented by oil crops are mainly downy mildew, purple spot disease, rape downy mildew, sesame stem blight, bacterial spot disease, peanut leaf spot, etc.

Medicinal plant diseases are generally 350-500 times solution with 30% suspension agent, sprayed once every 7-10 days, can prevent and cure yam spot disease, kudzu bacterial leaf spot, lily leaf blight, and bacterial soft rot, wolfberry powder Disease and gray spot disease.