Fortune Global 500 ranking announced non-ferrous industry 3 companies list


Beijing July 8, "Fortune" English network released in 2 […]

Beijing July 8, "Fortune" English network released in 2010, "Fortune" the world's top 500 enterprises ranked. The number of Chinese enterprises to enter the list again, a total of 54 companies on the list, more than 43 records last year. China Nonferrous Metals Industry 3 companies China Minmetals Corporation, China Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd., China Aluminum Corporation to enter the list.
In the list of the three non-ferrous enterprises, the aluminum company with total assets of 354.8 billion yuan, sales revenue of 135.6 billion yuan of operating results, for three consecutive years to enter the world's top 500.
In the face of the long-term challenges of the post-crisis era, Chinalco has accelerated the pace of implementation of the strategic transformation of international polymetallic mining companies. In the "new competitive advantage, scientific development level" emancipate the minds of the big discussion activities, take the initiative to benchmark domestic and foreign advanced enterprises, find their own lack of further emancipate the mind, change the concept, set a series of enterprise reform and development of new ideas. In response to the international financial crisis and post-crisis era continued to carry out the control deficit increase in tough battle, the enterprises to strengthen the "one-two pressure three tight" measures, production and management performance continues to improve. Chinalco took the lead in the non-ferrous metal industry to implement a full range of the depth of structural adjustment, the limited resources and capital to the advantage of the region, the advantages of project tilt, to promote the development mode of change. Promote the reform of management innovation, the implementation of management and control model from the operational type to the strategic control of the practical conversion, speed up economic development mode.
In 2009, Chinalco accelerated the popularization and application of mature technology and the development of practical technology, and enhanced the research and development of key and key technologies. The independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the Company were enhanced. At present, Chinalco has applied for more than 5,000 patents and 47% of invention patents. More than 2,800 patents have been granted and 21% have been invented. The number of patents has remained at the top of the central enterprises. Companies to consistently do a good job of energy-saving emission reduction work, and take the road of low-carbon economic development, the successful completion of the "Eleventh Five-Year" energy-saving emission reduction targets. As a strong sense of social responsibility of the international companies, the company actively fulfill its social responsibility, to do good corporate citizenship. The company is in the overseas project location, to help local residents to carry out infrastructure construction. In support of drought relief in southwest China, donated Qinghai Yushu earthquake-stricken areas, rescue Wangjialing coal mine in Shanxi Province when the aluminum companies are involved in the first time, which strongly support the performance of the enterprise's excellent quality. The Company accelerated its international resource strategy and overseas development projects were progressing smoothly. In March of this year, Chinalco signed a cooperation agreement with Rio Tinto to jointly develop Simandou iron ore in Guinea. Peru copper mine project will soon start construction. The use of hydropower advantages in Southeast Asia, and Malaysia GIIG joint venture company to build electrolytic aluminum project. The two EO projects in Vietnam are progressing well.
Chinalco will continue to implement the scientific concept of development to re-enter the world 500 as a new opportunity to implement cost leadership strategy to deepen the management of reform and innovation, and promote the comprehensive depth of structural adjustment, recycling new advantages, the level of scientific development, construction More international competitiveness of the world-class multinational companies