Dual Core Structure Characterization of Copper Chloride Dihydrate


The potentially bidentate ligand tetramethyl diphosphin […]

The potentially bidentate ligand tetramethyl diphosphine disulfide(CH3)4P2S2, has been found to react with Copper Chloride Dihydrate, CuCl2·2H2O, in ethanol at room temperature to yield, as the major product, a white compound. This is apparently the same substance reported in 1965 by Meek and Nicpon and formulated by them as [Cu(S2P2Me4)2][CuCl2) An X-ray crystallographic investigation has shown that the white substance is a molecular, dinuclear compound (which may, of course, dissociate or otherwise rearrange in solution) in which each Cu(I) is surrounded by a tetrahedral array of three sulfur atoms and one chlorine atom.

The Me4P2S2 ligands have a gauche rotational configuration and each one chelate to one Cu(I) atom to form a five-membered ring. The Me4P2S4CuCl halves of the molecule are joined by two bridging sulfur atoms, one from each half, thus forming a planar Cu2S2 rhombic ring. The entire molecule has as its only symmetry element an inversion center.

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