Effect Of Basic Copper Sulphate On Disease Prevention


  Basic copper sulphate is a protective fungicide. The […]

  Basic copper sulphate is a protective fungicide. The suspending agent is blue flowing thick suspension and the wettable powder is a green powder. Basic copper sulphate has fine particle size, good dispersibility, and rain erosion resistance. The suspending agent is also added with adhesive. Therefore, it can be firmly adhered to the surface of plants to form a protective film. The effective components rely on acidification of water on the plant surface to gradually release copper ions and inhibit fungal spore germination and hypha development.

  [Scope of Application] It applies to the prevention and control of black star disease, anthracnose, ring to rot, deciduous disease, downy mildew, brown spot disease, damping-off disease, white rot disease, angular leaf spot disease, leaf blight, epidemic disease, etc. of fruit trees, vegetables, crops, cash crops, and flowers. It has a good effect on diseases caused by water-loving fungi, the Penicillium continuum, and Phytophthora. The prevention and treatment of pear scab not only has a good prevention effect but also have a smooth fruit surface.


  1. This product has a stratification and precipitation phenomenon when stored for a long time. Shake it evenly before use, but it will not affect the effect.

  2. It is not suitable to apply pesticides before wet in the shade or wet in the dew, otherwise, it is easy to cause pesticide damage.

  3. This product cannot be mixed with stone sulfur mixture of pesticide that decomposes into contact with copper.

  4. This product is poisonous to silkworms. Be careful not to pollute mulberry trees.

  5. The control effect is related to spraying uniformity, therefore, spraying must be uniform.