Emergency Treatment For Cuprous Chloride Leakage


  Evacuate personnel of the leaked contaminated area to […]

  Evacuate personnel of the leaked contaminated area to a safe area. Unrelated personnel is prohibited from entering the contaminated area and cut off the source of the fire. It is recommended that emergency handlers wear self-contained breathing apparatus, acid- and alkali-resistant clothing, and acid- and alkali-resistant gloves, etc., and do not directly contact the leakage and plug it under safety conditions.

  Small spills: Absorb with sand, vermiculite or other inert materials, then collect and transport to a waste disposal sites for disposal. It can also be washed with a large amount of water, and the diluted washing water is put into the wastewater system. If there is a large amount of leakage, use a dike to contain it, and then collect, transfer, recycle or harmlessly dispose of it.

  The above is the treatment method of cuprous chloride if it is diffused and contaminated. With the above introduction, I believe that you can understand the issues that need attention on the use of cuprous chloride. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.