EPR Study of Trans-tetra Copper Chloride Dihydrate


We present the results of Copper Chloride Dihydrate and […]

We present the results of Copper Chloride Dihydrate and optical studies on the title compound. The EPR spectra are recorded from pure (non-diluted) single crystals. The coalescence to a single line of the hyperfine structure is not observed here, the distance between the Cu++ ions being great enough to reduce the exchange phenomenon. A Recent crystallographic study reveals that the copper ion is six-coordinated to four nitrogen and two chlorine atoms in a fairly regular octahedron. The number of molecules per unit cell is only one, making this compound especially suitable for an optical study with polarized light. The experimental results (g∥ = 2.27,g⊥ = 2.05, A∥ = 175 gauss) will be understood within the framework of an AOM model.

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