Evaporative Spray Drying of Copper Chloride Dihydrate


This study examines the evaporative heat transfer and d […]

This study examines the evaporative heat transfer and diffusive mass transfer of a droplet of CuCl2 solution. The validation of a new predictive model involves comparisons with experimental data from previous studies of different fluids based on the non-dimensional analysis. The study provides new insight into the effects of different concentrations of water on the CuCl2 slurry drying at low to moderate air temperatures. Predictive correlations of heat and mass transfer are developed for the aqueous solution, subject to various drying conditions. The analysis is performed for moist air in contact with a sprayed aqueous solution of Copper Chloride Dihydrate[CuCl2·(2H2O)]. Results are presented and discussed for the drying processes.

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