Health Benefits Of Basic Copper Sulphate


  Basic copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that co […]

  Basic copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that combines copper and sulfate. Liquid or powder is most commonly referred to as basic copper sulphate, BSC sterilized copper, CP alkaline sulphate or tribasic basic copper sulphate. The form of a solid crystalline stone (called a pentahydrate) is called sapphire or blue sulfuric acid because of its blue color. In this form, it is a popular raw material for the production of other types of copper salts.

  Health benefits

  The greatest health benefit of basic copper sulphate is that it is used to control the growth of bacteria and fungi on fruits, vegetables, and other crops since it has been registered as a pesticide in the United States since 1956. This includes mold, which can cause leaf spots. And plant metamorphism, because basic copper sulphate binds to proteins in fungi, damaging cells and killing them.

  When used in combination with lime and water (called Bordeaux mixture), basic copper sulphate acts as a protective bactericide and is used to protect plants from growing during seed treatment.

  In the tropical climate, it is used as a molluscicide, a snail bait that controls pests such as snails and other harmful plants and crops.

  Basic copper sulphate is also used to help the public health and safety. It not only prevents the ankles, but also destroys the algae and bacteria caused by algae growth of the swimming pool, which is a fungal infection that grows between the toes in warm climates (such as indoor swimming pools). This is done by mixing it into the shower, the locker room and the pool floor mixtures to prevent bacteria from living on the floor indefinitely.