Heat Generated In The Production Of Cupric Oxide Powder


Cupric oxide powder generates a lot of heat during the […]

Cupric oxide powder generates a lot of heat during the production process, which is formed during the production of cupric oxide powder. Before production, workers prepare the raw materials for making cupric oxide powder in proportion, such as 663 cupric oxide powder, 6% zinc, 6% tin, 3% lead, and 85% copper, and dump them in the cupric oxide powder smelting furnace. . Melting solid raw materials to make cupric oxide powder requires a temperature of about 1200, which takes about 60 minutes. The solid raw materials turn into liquid copper at high temperatures. The smelting furnace pours the liquid copper at 45 degrees to the right, and pours it into the "leakage package". Inside the small things, the leaking bag is similar to the upper and lower funnels. The upper mouth is large and the lower mouth is small. It is placed on a water spray or air spray plate. There are many small holes around the spray plate, and the spray plate is connected to a high-pressure water or high-pressure jet. When the liquid copper leaks from the furnace and continuously drips into the spray plate, the high-pressure water and high-pressure jet spray out quickly, breaking the liquid copper. Falling into the powder spraying tank connected below, cupric oxide powder of different meshes is formed. The vibrating screen below the connection is used to screen cupric oxide powder meshes.

Cupric oxide powder is formed through water atomization and gas atomization. During the smelting process, high-temperature heat is generated by magnetizing an electric coil to melt the raw material of the cupric oxide powder. In order not to damage the coil due to high temperature, the middle of the coil should be frequently There is flowing water to achieve the effect of cooling, and this high-temperature water flows through underground pipes to offices, workshops and other office places. In this low-temperature season, it achieves the effect of warmth and saves water!