How To Dilute Copper Sulfate


  1. Dilute the solution. When diluting copper sulfate, […]

  1. Dilute the solution. When diluting copper sulfate, it must be carried out in a heat-resistant container, and copper sulfate is slowly added to the water under constant stirring. Do not add water to concentrated copper sulfate to prevent acid splashing, this is very dangerous. It is also necessary to dissolve heat-generating substances such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in a heat-resistant container.

  2. The remaining items in the experiment can neither be returned to the original bottle, nor discarded arbitrarily nor can they be taken out of the laboratory and returned to the designated container.

  3. Without permission, please do not take the experimental product out of the laboratory.

  4. Pay attention to safety when heating the light.

  5. When heating flammable solvents, it must be carried out in a water bath to avoid the use of open flames.

  6. When removing the boiling solution, please shake it with a bottle holder before removing it to avoid splashing and hurting people.

  7. Containers with strong corrosive, flammable, toxic, or explosive materials should be cleaned by the operator. Empty reagent bottles should be broken before being put into the trash can to avoid accidents.