How To Ensure The Quality Of Copper Chloride Dihydrate


      Because copper chloride dihydrate has a wide rang […]

      Because copper chloride dihydrate has a wide range of functions, it will be produced in large quantities, mainly to prevent insufficient quantities of use. Although mass production can solve the problem of insufficient inventory, its storage and quality Assurance is a tricky issue.

       Because the production volume of copper chloride dihydrate is large, the storage problem of the product needs to be solved in time. So how do you stores it? Copper chloride dihydrate must be stored in a sealed container, and the storage environment must not be too humid during storage, otherwise, the phenomenon of deliquescent will occur, and the problem of agglomeration will also occur.

       Therefore, in the production of products, the storage of copper chloride dihydrate also needs to be considered to avoid unnecessary losses.