How to Make Basic Copper Carbonate


Sometimes, I’m missing a couple of chemicals. The way t […]

Sometimes, I’m missing a couple of chemicals. The way to fix that problem is simply ordering them online, but I need it right now. So I decided to make my own chemicals by following procedures from the internet. For the first one, I’m going to be making Basic Copper Carbonate(CuCo3).

First, I added about 85 grams of copper sulfate to a flask. After that, I added 240 ml of distilled water and tried to dissolve all of the copper sulfates. And then, I put 30 grams of sodium carbonate into 60 ml of distilled water and did the same. Next, I poured the sodium carbonate solution into the copper sulfate solution slowly and carefully. There were lots of fizzing and bubbles. What’s happening is: CuSO4 (Copper Sulfate) + Na2Co3 (Sodium Carbonate) + H2O → CuCO3 (Copper Carbonate) + Na2SO4 (Sodium Sulfate) + CO2

I added all of the sodium carbonates and waited for one night to make the copper carbonate settle to the bottom. After that, I filtered all of the copper carbonates out and let it sit for 2 days (to dry it). All of the copper carbonates is dried. I’m actually impressed. I put it in a bottle and labeled it. Well, I would have to thank the person in that video. The color and texture of the chemical seem to be correct. I can use this chemical!

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