How to Obtain Basic Copper Sulphate


Basic Copper Sulphate can be obtained by two main metho […]

Basic Copper Sulphate can be obtained by two main methods. The first method is the reaction of copper hydroxide with concentrated sulfuric acid. In the reaction process, a large amount of water is released, some of which goes towards hydration. The second method for obtaining copper sulfate is the reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid with copper. The reaction takes place at a high temperature. A reaction can also be carried out between copper oxide and sulfuric acid copper sulfate and water form. The reaction of copper sulfate and water (an experiment for growing crystals)

One of the examples of the reaction of copper sulfate with water is growing crystals. Copper sulfate is used as a raw material. The properties of copper sulfate make it possible to grow a large crystal. You can buy copper sulfate in any gardening store. The process takes place as follows: pour water into a container and add copper sulfate powder, and heat the liquid so that the substance dissolves more quickly. You should prepare a very rich solution, gradually pouring the copper sulfate into the container until it is dissolved in the water. Into the cooled solution, lower a thread with a bead attached to the end, and fasten it to the lid.

The bead must not touch the bottom of the container. It’s important to make sure that the container with the solution is not moved while the crystal is growing. Every day, or every second day, add copper sulfate to the solution to maintain a high concentration of the solution othe wise the crystals will dissolve in the water. About two weeks later, a large crystal of a rich bright blue color will grow in the container.