Copper-aluminum-lead-zinc nonferrous metals futures system is maturing


Approved by the Commission, March 24 lead futures in th […]

Approved by the Commission, March 24 lead futures in the official listing of the transaction, marking the copper, aluminum, lead, zinc four families will gather in the futures market, which is for Chinese futures investors and lead enterprises are excited The news of the people. China Nonferrous Metals. The introduction of lead futures, will further improve China's non-ferrous metals futures market system to meet the relevant investors and spot business hedging needs, it can be said that the introduction of lead futures are welcomed by the time. China Nonferrous Metals.
First, lead the introduction of domestic and foreign futures before the economic environment
The introduction of lead futures and the current domestic and international economic environment to adapt. China Nonferrous Metals. First of all, China's futures market has maintained a healthy and rapid development trend, cultivate a good external environment. China Nonferrous Metals. Second, the current volatile domestic and international commodity prices, commodity security system needs to be strengthened. China Nonferrous Metals. Once again, China's non-ferrous metals industry and futures market mutual promotion and common development, copper, aluminum, zinc varieties have outstanding performance, laying the foundation for the lead futures market. China Nonferrous Metals.
1. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China's futures market developed rapidly and steadily
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's economy continues to maintain the momentum of rapid development. China Nonferrous Metals. At the same time, China's futures market has also embarked on a steady growth and rapid development of the track, the performance of the futures market continues to expand, the market position rising; variety system is more complete, all kinds of varieties active; futures market services national economy and the physical industry ; The comprehensive evaluation and classification supervision to enhance the competitiveness of futures companies; regulatory framework is gradually formed; futures regulatory system basically straighten out; futures, futures market, futures market, futures market, futures market, futures market, Market as a "stabilizer" role of the national economy; futures market price signal for the macro-control to provide reference, improve the market economy system. China Nonferrous Metals.
2. Domestic and foreign commodity prices volatile
Recently, Japan's 9 strong earthquakes and nuclear radiation crisis and the political turmoil in North Africa, the Middle East, the international commodity has a huge impact, coupled with domestic and foreign markets have recently emerged as a result of excess liquidity caused by inflation, and then lead to large Commodity prices are volatile. China Nonferrous Metals. Gold prices have hit a record high, crude oil prices also hit a new high since the financial crisis. China Nonferrous Metals. Non-ferrous metals is no exception to LME3 month copper for example, the price from 6,101 in June 2010 rose to today's 9515, an increase of 55.96%. China Nonferrous Metals. Many varieties of the domestic futures market in November last year, hit a new high after the volume and price have dropped slightly, the recent record highs, showing ups and downs of the situation. China Nonferrous Metals.
3. China's non-ferrous metals industry and non-ferrous metals market mutual promotion and coordinated development
Throughout the development of China's non-ferrous metals industry, can be said that the development of non-ferrous metals industry is inseparable from the futures market, the mutual influence and common development, as China's physical industry and futures market integration of a classic success. China Nonferrous Metals. Since the early 90s of last century, the introduction of non-ferrous metal futures, many non-ferrous metals companies have to participate in the futures market, these companies deeply feel that "I and futures were growing." China Nonferrous Metals. Now non-ferrous metal industry has become a high degree of market-oriented, full of competition, risk tolerance ability of the industry. China Nonferrous Metals. In the listed companies, non-ferrous metal plate has become a beautiful landscape, sought after by investors, some companies have been among the world's leading enterprises of its kind. China Nonferrous Metals. Non-ferrous metals listed companies to make use of the securities market, with the futures market and stronger. China Nonferrous Metals. In the huge price fluctuations, the non-ferrous metal industry is good at using the futures market hedging, locking the profits of enterprises, to avoid the price risk, making the industrial competitiveness of enduring.