Influencing Factors Of Copper Sulfate Price Changes


  There is a big gap between the price of copper sulfat […]

  There is a big gap between the price of copper sulfate in different time periods, different regions, and different specifications and levels. How much is the price? The quotations from different trading methods also vary greatly. The price of copper sulfate has changed drastically, and there are many influencing factors on the market price trend. Below we summarize based on years of production practice experience. Hope it can be a reference from you to grasp the price trend.

  1. Copper price

  International copper prices, especially futures prices, have a great impact on it. The cost of copper occupies the main production cost. For example, the trend of the London copper market has played a decisive role in the trend of domestic copper prices. The domestic copper price directly affects the market price of copper sulfate.

  2. Supply and demand

  The main country of production of this product in my country, especially agricultural, industrial, and feed grade products are basically produced in my country and exported to overseas markets in large quantities. In recent years, the relationship between international supply and demand has basically remained balanced. Occasionally, the stock will be out of stock during the shutdown of domestic manufacturers for maintenance. The price will increase for a while.

  3. Environmental protection policy

  During the 2016-1018 period, domestic environmental protection policies have tightened, and environmental inspections have continued to strengthen, and many upstream and downstream raw material companies have been affected to varying degrees. The out-of-stock situation of raw materials is commonplace, and the production of CuSO4.5H2O has also been greatly affected under such circumstances. There is often a situation where supply exceeds demand. Sometimes the price of copper falls, but the price of the product continues to rise.

  The price of copper sulphate is quite sensitive to three factors: copper price, supply-demand relationship, and environmental protection policy. The superposition of the above three factors has different effects on the price trend of the final product, and the high weight has a key impact on the product price.