Introduction To 8-hydroxyquinoline Copper


  1.High security   Under the recommended concentration […]

  1.High security

  Under the recommended concentration and conditions, 8-hydroxyquinoline copper is safer in sensitive periods such as young leaves and young fruit, and it is also safer and more effective in sensitive crops such as peach, plum and apricot.

  2, good mixing

  This taste is a yellow wettable powder. It is recommended that when the multiple is mixed with water, the pH is neutral and the suspension rate is high. It can be mixed with most pesticides and fungicides.

  3.Wide sterilization range

  It kills both fungi and bacteria, especially for bacterial diseases. The effect is very significant. It is used in fruit trees, vegetables, and field crops.

  It has good control effects on crop rust, powdery mildew, white rot, gray mold, downy mildew, black pox, ulcer, scab, runny gum disease, and blight.