Introduction To Prevention And Treatment Of Basic Copper Sulphate


Basic copper sulphate is a commonly used copper-contain […]

Basic copper sulphate is a commonly used copper-containing inorganic pesticide. The product has 80% wettable powder, 30%, and 35% suspending agent.
basic copper sulphate has a broad insecticidal spectrum and is suitable for all diseases controlled by the Bordeaux solution. After spraying, depending on the acidification of the water film on the surface of the crop and the surface of the germ, it slowly decomposes a small number of copper ions, effectively inhibits the growth of spores and hyphae of the germ, reduces the infection and spread of the germ, and protects the crop.
Copper ions have a strong lethality to crops. In order to prevent pesticide damaged, do not increase the concentration at will. It is easy to produce pesticide damage in cold weather and continuous rain and thick fog.
For the prevention and treatment of pear scab, spray with 600-800 times liquid of 80% wettable powder, or 350-500 times liquid of 30% and 35% suspending agent. The same concentration of the medicinal solution can prevent and cure diseases of other leaves and fruits of fruit trees. No drug spots contamination on fruits after use. However, it is more likely to cause phytotoxicity than Bordeaux solution, so you need to pay attention when using it. Young apples and fruits are sensitive to copper and should be avoided or reduced in concentration.