Introduction To The Analysis Of Cuprous Chloride


  Shape of cuprous chloride:   1. The normal shape of c […]

  Shape of cuprous chloride:

  1. The normal shape of cuprous chloride: cubic white or colorless fine crystals; or white powder.

  2. Cuprous chloride dew easily oxidizes in the air and becomes a high-priced copper salt for green neighbors; it decomposes into light and turns brown.

  Application of cuprous chloride: used as a catalyst in organic synthesis, pigment, anticorrosion and other industries. Cuprous chloride is also widely used in many industries such as metallurgical industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical chemical and pesticide engineering, battery industry, rubber industry and so on. Cuprous chloride (high activity) is also an effective catalyst for the production of methylchlorosilane mixed monomers (with dimethyldichlorosilane as the main component) in the silicone industry. The market demand for cuprous chloride catalysts will be quite extensive.

  The cuprous chloride manufacturers remind you that no matter which way you use it, you must pay attention to safety when using it. If you accidentally touch the product, you need to take measures to deal with it.