Introduction To The Use Of Electroplating Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate


Some uses of electroplating grade copper sulfate pentah […]

Some uses of electroplating grade copper sulfate pentahydrate are introduced:
  1. Used as an analytical reagent, for example, it can be used in biology to configure Fehling reagent for identifying reducing sugars and Biuret reagent for identifying protein B solution, but it is usually prepared for current use;
  2. Industrial field. Used in the manufacture of other copper salts such as cuprous chloride, copper chloride, copper pyrophosphate, cuprous oxide, copper acetate, copper carbonate, copper monoazo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue, reactive violet, etc.; in the coating industry for the production of ship bottoms Anti-fouling paint; electroplating industry used as the main salt and copper ion additive of all-bright acid copper plating; printing and dyeing industry used as mordant and fine dyeing cloth oxygen promoter, organic industry used as a catalyst for the synthesis of spices and dye intermediates, methyl Polymerization inhibitor for methyl acrylate. The anhydrous salt is used to catalyze the conversion of acetal reaction. The anhydrous salt reacts with potassium permanganate to form an oxidant, which is used for the conversion of primary alcohols.
  3. In the agricultural field, the Bordeaux mixture is mixed with lime water, which is used as a fungicide to control fungi on crops and prevent fruits from rot; because copper ions are toxic to fish, the dosage must be strictly controlled. The aquaculture industry is also used as the main raw material of the trace element copper as a feed additive;
   4. Used as a dehydrating agent for alcohols and organic compounds. Gas desiccant.