Issues That Copper Sulfate Manufacturers Remind Attention


  Problems that should be paid attention to when using […]

  Problems that should be paid attention to when using copper sulfate

  1. Copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate have a synergistic effect. Ferrous sulfate itself has no insecticidal effect, but it can promote the penetration of the main drug into the body, increase permeability, and improve the efficacy of the main drug. Therefore, when applying copper sulfate, it should be combined with ferrous sulfate as much as possible.

  2. The safe concentration range of copper sulfate is small, and the pool water volume and dosage must be calculated accurately. And make preparations for rescue work such as adding water and aeration in case of phytotoxicity.

  3. Generally, when the water quality is fatter, the dosage of copper sulfate should be increased, but the growing season should not exceed 1ppm.

  4. Some parasitic diseases cannot be treated with copper sulfate, such as Cucurbita worm disease. The treatment with copper sulfate is not only ineffective, but it will cause the melon worm to form cysts and multiply.

  5. Because copper ions are easy to accumulate in the body and produce many side effects, they should be used with caution and cannot be used continuously.

  6. ​​The aqueous solution of copper sulfate is corrosive to metals, so it cannot be dissolved in a metal container. When dissolving copper sulfate, the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise, it will easily fail.