Manufacture the Same Copper Acetate


I know that to make iron acetate you submerse iron in v […]

I know that to make iron acetate you submerse iron in vinegar, and I figured that to make Copper Acetate (WSDTY) you could do the same and submerse copper in vinegar. Acetic acid is a week acid meaning that it is relatively safe to use with the main problem is getting it in your eyes. I recommend wearing eye protection when working with acetic acid. I know that acetic acid reacts with iron to make iron acetate, but in my opinion, this isn't a very interesting material because it doesn't have very many uses and the color is a rather ugly brown. After about a day of letting this reaction happen, I checked to see how it was progressing. The solution had changed very little, all that had happened was the solution had turned a slight blue color and the copper was really shiny. It occurred to me that what had happened was the acid had reacted with the very thin layer of copper oxide on the outside of the wire but hadn't reacted with the copper because copper isn't very reactive. I decide to experiment for a while in trying to create a copper oxide that would react with the acetic acid. At first, I electrolyzed the solution using copper wires with the idea that the protons (hydrogen atoms) would be removed from the acetic acid at the cathode and the hydroxide would react with the copper to make copper hydroxide. I believed the copper hydroxide would react with the acetic acid to make water and copper acetate.

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