Popular Knowledge Of Copper Acetate


  Copper acetate is a dark green monoclinic crystal and […]

  Copper acetate is a dark green monoclinic crystal and can be easily dissolved in water and ethanol. This feature can be used when manganese acetate is needed and solvents such as water and ethanol are required to exert its own performance.

  1. The main uses of copper acetate are as follows: paint quick-drying agent, pesticide adjuvant, raw material of enamel pigment, pharmaceutical insecticide, organic synthesis catalyst, etc. Come more widely.

  2. Precautions for storage and transportation: Because copper acetate is highly water-soluble and flammable, attention should be paid to the matters during storage and transportation. First, place it in a packaging bag and keep it sealed to prevent it from being affected by moisture. In addition, it should be isolated from other flammable or open flame substances to prevent fire and other phenomena.

  Today's knowledge of copper acetate is here, and the next article will introduce other aspects one by one.