Precautions And Precautions For Use Of Basic Copper Sulphate


  Basic copper sulphate has a wide range of disease pre […]

  Basic copper sulphate has a wide range of disease prevention. It is mainly used to prevent late blight of potato, the gray blight of tomato, early blight of tomato, late blight of tomato, celery spot, celery spot blight, strawberry gray mold, strawberry in vegetable production. Leaf spots disease, strawberry verticillium wilt, strawberry bud blight, strawberry powdery mildew, onion downy mildew, onion purple spot disease, onion white point disease, bean anthracnose, bean bacterial blight, cucumber bacterial angular spot disease, Cucumber blight, cucumber downy mildew, cucumber anthracnose, cabbage soft rot, lettuce downy mildew, etc.

  Precautions when using basic copper sulphate

  1. basic copper sulphate is a protective fungicide, which should be used before and at the beginning of the disease to prevent the invasion or spread of pathogenic bacteria.

  2. The key to the control effect of basic copper sulphate is to apply for the medicine and spray uniformly in a timely manner. Early control and regular control are required. Before spraying, it is required to stir the drug solution evenly. When spraying, the plant surface should be uniformly attached. The use of time should be 6 ~ 8. Used during the month, it can replace Bordeaux fluid.

  3. Do not spray when there is dew in the rainy days and in the morning and at night. When spraying on cloudy days, the spraying multiple should be appropriately increased.

  4. The concentration should be appropriately reduced when used under high-temperature conditions. The use of this medicine in the flowering period of crops is prone to cause phytotoxicity and should not be used.