Precautions For Storage And Transportation Of Cuprous Chloride


 Cuprous chloride is a toxic substance that is not ofte […]

 Cuprous chloride is a toxic substance that is not often seen in our lives. Therefore, many users do not know how to store it during the storage and transportation of cuprous chloride. Manufacturers must introduce them in detail. Here are four important considerations when transporting cuprous chloride:
 1. The container must be sealed, and no gaps should be formed to prevent copper chloride from oxidizing copper after contact with air, which will greatly to reduce its use-value.
 2. This is a highly toxic substance that needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It cannot be mixed with oxidants, otherwise, some unexpected phenomena will occur.
 3, can not be mixed with or mixed with acid or alkali products or food items, in the process of loading and unloading, gently handle, can not appear damaged, otherwise, it will lead to leakage, affect the use of results, and even hurt the human body Health.
 4. In the process of transportation or use, if there is a fire, you can use water or sand and various fire extinguishers to save.
 The above is the four major considerations for the cuprous chloride summarized by Xiaobian. I hope that everyone can use it in the actual use process.