Production Characteristics Of Basic Copper Sulfate


  The basic copper sulfate chemical production industry […]

  The basic copper sulfate chemical production industry has the following characteristics.

  (1) Long production process. The production of a product requires multiple processes, even a dozen processes to complete.

  (2) The process is complicated. In the production process, there are both high temperature and high pressure, as well as low temperature and low pressure.

  (3) Raw materials, semi-finished products, by-products, products, and wastes have hazardous properties.

  (4) Raw materials, auxiliary materials, intermediate products, and products are in three states. There are gaseous, liquid, and solid states, and they change from each other.

  (5) The entire production process must be carried out in closed equipment and pipelines, and no leakage is allowed.

  (6) There are strict requirements for packaging materials, packaging specifications, storage, loading and unloading, and transportation.