Safe Operating Procedures For The Use Of Cuprous Chloride


  First, the operator must understand the characteristi […]

  First, the operator must understand the characteristics of cuprous chloride, master protection knowledge, and be familiar with technical operating procedures.

  2. Before work, you must wear to labor protection articles.

  3. Before to use, carefully check whether the acid storage tank, acid-resistant pump, pipeline valve, etc. are flexible and intact, and whether there is any leakage.

  4. When loading and unloading cuprous chloride, the cuprous chloride should be slowly poured into the storage and irrigation, and the lid should be covered and metered.

  Fifth, when using acidification, first close the reflux valve, start the acid-resistant pump, slowly open the reflux valve, observe the flowmeter, adjust the corresponding flow, after the cuprous chloride enters the acid mixer and the lean liquid, it enters the reaction tower to fully react.