The non-ferrous industry economic operation showed stabilized stabilized situation


Guiyang, June 19 (Xinhua Huang Yong, Shi Xinrong) Minis […]

Guiyang, June 19 (Xinhua Huang Yong, Shi Xinrong) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Inspector Jia Yinsong 18 Division in Guiyang, said the country to deal with the financial crisis adopted a series of policies under the influence of China's non-ferrous industry economy The operation showed stabilized stabilized trend.
Jia Yinsong is the opening of the 18th 2009 (seventh) China International Nonferrous Metals Mining Forum made the above remarks.
He said stabilization stabilized mainly in the following areas: First, the output growth trend, 1-5 months 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production 9.48 million tons, although down 5.7%, which fell in May 6.6% , But the chain rose 3.6%. From January to May, the output of copper and aluminum processing materials was 3.46 million tons and 6.11 million tons, respectively, an increase of 7.9% and 4.8%. Second, the market price was narrow range fluctuations. Third, the domestic and international market spread, to promote imports of electrolytic aluminum and other products increased. Fourth, non-ferrous industry investment to maintain a certain growth, 1-5 months was 82.8 billion yuan, an increase of 25.8%. Investment structure is optimized, in the mining, rolling processing investment growth, significantly greater than smelting. Fifth, gold production increased by 12% from January to May.
It is understood that in 2008 China's total output of 10 kinds of non-ferrous metals 25.2 million tons, consumption of 25.17 million tons, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and nickel consumption accounted for about 30% of global consumption. Since the second half of 2008, by the international financial crisis, China's non-ferrous metal industry has been a greater impact, the market demand shrinking, exports blocked, prices fell, inventories increased production cut production, funding constraints, industry-wide losses.
Jia Yin Song said that non-ferrous metals as a modern high-tech industry, the status of the key support material has not changed. To take full advantage of the current favorable opportunity to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, and promote mergers and acquisitions, improve the level of technology and processing capacity of key materials to promote the transformation of the mode of growth to achieve industrial structure optimization and upgrading. At the same time, we must adhere to the principle of internationalization and marketization, adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, make full use of domestic and foreign resources, two markets, two funds, do a good job recycling, vigorously develop the circular economy, Ability to promote non-ferrous metal industry sustainable development.