The Processing Method of Copper Oxide Ore


There are several main methods for treating Basic Coppe […]

There are several main methods for treating Basic Copper Chloride ore:

1. Fluoride flotation after vulcanization. In this method, the oxidized mineral is first vulcanized with sodium sulfide or other vulcanizing agent (such as sodium hydrosulfide), and then the higher xanthate is used as a collector for flotation. When vulcanizing, the lower the pH of the slurry, the faster the vulcanization proceeds. The vulcanizing agent such as sodium sulfide is easily oxidized and has a short action time. Therefore, when the copper oxide is floated by a vulcanization method, the vulcanizing agent is preferably added in stages. Ammonium sulfate and aluminum sulfate contribute to the vulcanization of oxidized minerals. Therefore, the addition of these two agents during the flotation flotation can significantly improve the flotation effect, the copper oxide minerals which can be treated by the vulcanization method, mainly copper carbonates, such as Malachite, azurite, etc. can also be used for flotation of copper ore. However, if the malachite is not specially treated in advance, its vulcanization effect is very poor, and it cannot even be vulcanized.

2. Fatty acid flotation. This method is also called direct flotation. When using fatty acids and their soaps as collectors for flotation, it is usually necessary to add gangue inhibitor water glass, phosphate and slurry adjuster sodium carbonate. Fatty acid machine soaps can well float malachite and azurite. The test results of fatty acid flotation of malachite with small hydrocarbon chains show that the fatty acid has a good ability to capture malachite as long as the hydrocarbon chain is long enough. In a certain range, the stronger the collection capacity, the less the dosage of the agent. The direct flotation is only applicable to the copper oxide mine whose gangue is not carbonate. When the gangue is filled with a large amount of iron and manganese minerals, Its indicators will get worse.

3. Special collector method. For the flotation of copper oxide ore, in addition to the above two types of collectors, other special collectors may be used for flotation and sometimes mixed with xanthate to increase the recovery rate of copper.