The Production Process Of Cuprous Chloride


 Cuprous chloride is widely used in practice and should […]

 Cuprous chloride is widely used in practice and should focus on expanding the development of valuable fine inorganic chemical products. Its ordinary price is 2400~30,000 yuan/t, and the price of high-activity products will be higher.
 Copper wires air oxidation method is used to add waste copper wire into the reactor, interact with a certain concentration of the salt-hydrochloric acid solution, and slowly pass air at 60-70 °C for oxidation until the hydrochloric acid content in the reaction solution reaches 10-15 g/L. So far. After standing and clarifying, the upper cuprous chloride-sodium chloride solution is hydrolyzed to form a cuprous chloride precipitates, which is filtered, washed with hydrochloric acid and ethanol, and dried at 60 to 80 ° C to obtain a finished cuprous chloride product.
 In many industries such as metallurgical industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering and pesticide engineering (bactericide), battery industry, rubber industry, etc., the application of cuprous chloride is also deep and practical, and cuprous chloride (high activity) is also organic. The silicon industry produces an effective catalyst for trimethylchlorosilane mixed monomer (based on dimethyldichlorosilane). The market demand for cuprous chloride catalysts will be quite extensive. The market demand for cuprous chloride has expanded on recent years.
 We put copper chloride in the air and you will see the oxidation effect soon. The color changes from white to green and is oxidized into high-priced copper salt. This copper salt will be decomposed after being exposed to sunlight, and the color will be further Change and turn into dark brown. When the brown copper is placed in hot water, rapid hydrolysis occurs, and oxidized water is formed, and the color changes again and appears red. The reaction to cuprous chloride and strong acid is very slow, and the absorption of CO is also constant, and it will not be absorbed after saturation.
 Cuprous chloride, gray-white cubic crystals, sometimes we also see gray-white powder. This chemical has a relatively high density, a high melting point, and a high boiling point. It can form a complex about concentrated hydrochloric acid, but it cannot be dissolved in water.
 Cuprous chloride, molecular formula CuC1. White crystals. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in sulfuric acid, dilute nitric acid and alcohol, soluble in ammonia, concentrated hydrochloric acid and complex. Cuprous chloride is a widely used catalyst in the organic synthesis industry. Under its catalytic action, it can produce a variety of organic chemical products, such as vinyl acetylene, monochlorobutadiene, acrylonitrile, etc., using cuprous chloride and two Methylamine compatibility can be equipped with a catalyst for polymerization of diphenyl ether. In the petrochemical industry, cuprous chloride is often used as decolorized, desulfurized and release agent. Cuprous chloride is used as a catalyst and reducing agent in the oleochemical industry, especially in the former.