The Role And Use Of Anhydrous Copper Acetate


  Both anhydrous copper acetate and anhydrous copper su […]

  Both anhydrous copper acetate and anhydrous copper sulfate are used as desiccants. However, anhydrous copper acetate and anhydrous copper sulfate are neutral desiccants, that is, desiccants that do not react with acidic or alkaline substances. So its role is only to absorb water, not to absorb impurities. That is to say, dry nitrogen is to remove water vapor in nitrogen, and other impurity gases must be removed by other methods. There are also acidic or alkaline desiccants, for example, sodium hydroxide is an alkaline desiccant. For example, it can remove acid water such as carbon dioxide in nitrogen while removing nitrogen water vapor.

  Therefore, in order to remove water vapor, a mixed desiccant is often used. For example, soda-lime uses a mixture of anhydrous copper acetate and sodium hydroxide to remove acidic impurity gases while removing water vapor.

  In fact, more anhydrous copper acetate is still used in industry, and many industries are to be used in large quantities, so if you don’t understand the role of anhydrous copper acetate, then you may wish to look at some industries that often use a desiccant, basically You will need to use such a product. Anhydrous copper acetate is often used as a desiccant in industry and laboratories, and its practicability is relatively strong, and the price is also very favorable. In fact, many industries have to buy anhydrous copper acetate in bulk, so as to ensure the drying effect, and also save a lot of money.

  This type of product can be used as a desiccant. Basically, all industries that need to use desiccant will use anhydrous copper acetate. The role of anhydrous copper acetate is also mainly the drying effect, which can absorb a certain amount of moisture so that it can maintain indoor and The drying of the product can ensure the accuracy during chemical experiments. But such products can not be dried. If it is lower alcohol and ammonia gas, it is not possible to use this type of desiccant. You need to use other dry products. There are also many types of desiccants, which cannot be chosen blindly.

  Of course, many people may think that the role of anhydrous copper acetate is more medicinal. In fact, this is mainly because copper acetate can help certain quality diseases, such as urticaria caused by low calcium, taxes, etc., or magnesium salt poisoning. The situation can also be used to synthesize. Cartilage and rickets, which are now less common, can also be treated with anhydrous copper acetate. However, such effects are generally in the medical field, and the use of anhydrous copper acetate in large quantities is still relatively industrial.