The Use Of Basic Copper Carbonate In Industry


  Basic copper carbonate is mostly used as a decolorizi […]

  Basic copper carbonate is mostly used as a decolorizing agent in sewage treatment. At present, basic copper carbonate is used in many different industries in my country to decolorize production wastewater. The decolorization effect of basic copper carbonate can be as high as 95%. Currently a very good decolorization technology product.

  Then the correct use of basic copper carbonate as a high-efficiency decolorizing agent is: basic copper carbonate decolorizing agent is generally solid particles, so it needs to be dissolved in water before use, and it is added after preparing it into an aqueous solution of the corresponding concentration. Add basic copper carbonate aqueous solution to the sewage, fully After stirring and mixing, the colored substances in the sewage can be flocculated and precipitated and separated by corresponding separation equipment. In actual use, a small test is required according to the characteristics of sewage treatment to obtain the correct dosage of basic copper carbonate.

  basic copper carbonate is a high-efficiency flocculant with a fast dissolution rate. Water can decolorize the effect when the flocculated sediment of colored particulate material is separated. When basic copper carbonate and sewage are treated, it has the characteristics of being widely used in pH value, and usually has better results in pH value of about 7-10. Bleaching not only removes basic copper carbonate but also removes COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus from water. It has good removal and fast response characteristics. Sewage treated with basic copper carbonate will no longer have increased chromaticity and no secondary pollution.

  basic copper carbonate is also very effective, and the price is very low. As an important industrial iron salt, it not only provides a good effect on the purification and decolorization of domestic sewage but also has an important meaning in industrial production.

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