Three Points To Note When Using Basic Copper Sulphate


  Basic copper sulphate has a broad future and can be u […]

  Basic copper sulphate has a broad future and can be used in many manufacturing industries, but safety tips must be followed during the application period.

  Copper sulfate is dark blue, which is key due to the hydrate copper ions, so that basic copper sulphate in the laboratory is often used to test the presence of water. Copper sulfate is a heavy metal salt and is harmful. If you accidentally swallow it, you should eat a lot of cow's milk, egg whites, etc.

  To ensure safety, the following three common questions are expected to be followed when applying basic copper sulphate.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature of the application. Basic copper sulphate has a positive relationship of water temperature, so it is better to use it at lower temperatures on sunny mornings; if it is higher, it should be used at a relatively lower rate.

  2、Pick the appropriate amount of use. When used in natural environments such as rivers, lakes, etc., basic copper sulphate is required in proportion to the composition of organic compounds and their suspended solids.

  3, if the application of water resources is alkaline, in the application must be careful to prevent the production of copper oxide, so that the microorganisms in the water suffered a heavy setback.