Tolerance Of Different Fish Species To Copper Sulfate


  Different fish species have different tolerance to co […]

  Different fish species have different tolerance to copper sulfate.

  According to reports, the sensitivity of fish to copper sulfate is as follows: salmon fish, grass carp and silver carp second, carp, crucian carp, and tilapia.

  According to the determination:

  When the copper ion content of the water was 0.012 g/m³, the salmon fry intake was significantly reduced, and when it exceeded 0.017 g/m³, the food was stopped.

  When the copper ion in water reaches 5-10 micrograms per liter, the nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis of cyanobacteria are inhibited.

  The avoidance concentration of silver carp to 50% of copper sulfate is 0.3 g/m³.

  When the concentration of copper sulfate is lower than 0.5 g/m³, it does not affect fish parasites, and when it exceeds 1 g/m³, it is easy to cause fish poisoning and death, reducing the safe concentration. Increased risk.