What Are The Characteristics Of Basic Copper Sulphate


  1. Physical and chemical properties of basic copper s […]

  1. Physical and chemical properties of basic copper sulphate

  The appearance of basic copper sulphate is a light blue powder with a melting point of> 360 ° C. The relative density are 3.89 (20 ° C) and the solubility in water is 1.06 mg / ls (20 ° C). In medicine, a solution will form very small blue suspended particles, soluble in dilute acids. It can be stored stably for 3 years under normal temperature conditions and can be mixed with water at any ratio to form a relatively stable suspension.

  Second, the characteristics of basic copper sulphate

  1. It is a mineral source, broad-spectrum, inorganic copper, protective, low-toxic fungicide, effective for fungal and bacterial diseases, and is an ideal replacement product of traditional Bordeaux liquid.

  2. The suspending agent is adhesive and can be firmly adhered to the plant surface to form a protective film after spraying. Its active ingredients gradually release free copper ions under the action of water and air. The combination of copper ions with various genes in the protein of the pathogen causes the protein to denature, inhibits the germination of the spores and the development of the hypha, thereby causing the death of the pathogen.

  3. Good dispersion and resistance to rain erosion.

  4. Compared with the Bordeaux solution prepared by itself, the basic copper sulphate solution has fine particles, convenient use, good safety, no obvious spot contamination on the plant surface after spraying, but short duration.